Dental School Secondary Application Consultation

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Dental School Secondary Application Consultation

After you have submitted your primary application to AADSAS or TMDSAS, you will receive secondary applications (supplemental applications) from individual dental schools. These applications vary from school to school and ask you to answer a range of essay questions including a description of your particular interest in their dental program or qualities that distinguish you from other applicants. The purpose of the secondary application is to convince the committee to grant you an interview for admissions to their dental school.

The Admissions Helpers consultants are experts who always paid attention to my concerns and treated me with professionalism and respect.  They know what they are talking about and their advice definitely helped me to land a spot in my top choice for dental school.   I would recommend them to all applicants who want to secure their admission without a headache!


NYU School of Dentistry, Class of 2018

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Dental School Secondary Application Services Provided


At Admissions Helpers, we recognize the importance of the secondary application as an integral part of a strong dental school application. We work closely with applicants to ensure they develop strong answers to secondary essay questions. Our consultants work around the clock with you on your secondary applications to ensure you submit your secondary applications in a timely fashion. Whether you need help developing your ideas for answers to secondary application questions or you need proofreading of your essays, we are here to help. Our services include:

Secondary Essay Idea Development

This service is for meant to help applicants come up with ideas for dental school secondary application essays. We help you develop compelling answers to the secondary application essay questions. We work with you to ensure you can develop a clear, concise, organized answer and touch on the necessary key points in the allotted space.

Secondary Essay Editing

This service is for applicants who have already written their dental school secondary essays and need help modifying their answers. It consists of written or oral (depending on the client’s preference) feedback on your dental school secondary application essays by one of our dental school admissions consultants.


Dental School Secondary Application General Review

This service includes a review of your entire dental school secondary application to ensure that the application looks professionally written, the grammar and punctuation are correct, and there are no formatting errors.

Combination Package

A combination of the above three services.


All sessions are charged on an hourly basis. Call or email us today for a free 20-minute consultation on your medical school secondary application preparation!