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If you are a freshman or sophomore in college or in the earlier stages of completing your prerequisite courses for PA school, our consultants can help you plan your academic career. In just one hour, we can offer you strategies that would make you more competitive for PA school. If you are contemplating whether your application is competitive, email us or give us a call. We will review your application, give you honest feedback on how competitive you are, and offer you approaches for improving your candidacy for PA school. We have extensive experience working with non-traditional applicants to PA school and PA school re-applicants.  Call or email us today to schedule your one-hour general strategy consultation!

I was referred to Admissions Helpers by a friend and was so unbelievably satisfied with the help I received. The Admissions Helpers team is friendly, super organized, and extremely helpful. They broke down the admissions process for me when applying to PA school and helped me every step of the way–from brainstorming essay topics to proof-reading to providing me with guidance for the nerve racking interviews. I just got accepted into the top PA school of my choice and I cannot thank the Admissions Helpers team enough for all the hard work they put into my individual application. I recommend them to any and all students applying to health-related grad schools. You definitely won’t be sorry!


USC Physician Assistant Program, Class of 2015

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Getting accepted to physician assistant programs is becoming more competitive as the demand for this cadre of professionals is increasing in an evolving healthcare system. When evaluating applicants, physician assistant program admissions committees look for several factors. First, and foremost, they want to know if you have the necessary science foundation and possess the ability to handle the rigorous academic coursework in PA school. To evaluate academic aptitude, schools use the GPA and in some cases, the GRE score.

But a strong GPA and good GRE scores are not enough; physician assistant program admissions committees also want to assess an applicant’s interest and commitment to the physician assistant profession. Specifically, they want to know why you have chosen the PA profession over nursing or medicine. This is why clinical experience, especially experience working with a PA, is an important part of a successful application. Whether paid or volunteer, seek clinical experiences where you can spend time observing or assisting PAs or other clinicians directly and gaining insight into patient care. Take advantage of opportunities to interact directly with patients in an inpatient or outpatient setting. Focus specifically on primary care and seek experiences where you can work with the underserved. PA schools are more impressed by an individual who has worked in primary care with low-income patients than one who has worked in an upscale specialty clinic that serves an affluent patient population. You can further strengthen your application by taking part in community service and assuming leadership roles in organizations on or off campus. Do not become involved in too many activities at a superficial level. Instead, select a few valuable experiences and immerse yourself in these experiences.


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