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About Our Company

In today’s competitive academic world, securing a position in a prestigious university requires bringing out your positive qualities in a unique way and marketing yourself effectively. At Admission Helpers, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex process of admission. Our mission is to simplify this process, ensuring you have the right approach to succeed. We help you plan your academic career, strategize for admissions, submit a strong application, and ace your interviews. We work with clients across the United States and internationally. We understand that a one size fits all approach to admissions consulting does not work. We take the time to get to know each of our clients, understand their needs and help them become as competitive as possible. We believe in forming personal relationships with every client we serve. It is only through these personal relationships that we can help you be the best you can be. Whether you work with us for just one hour or through your entire academic journey, you will get highly personalized consulting from an experienced consultant.

Our Consulting Team


Our consultants develop personal relationships with students to ensure admission


Each of our consultants has at least 10 years of admissions consulting experience


Our consulting team is passionate about working with you and helping you succeed

Healthcare Professionals

All of our consultants are physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals from top US schools

Our Approach

At Admissions Helpers, we help you develop the right strategy, mindset, and confidence to not only excel in your current application to the health professional school of your choice but also in the future as you prepare to apply for residencies, fellowships, and jobs. Our philosophy is not just to provide a one time service, but instill confidence and teach you an approach that you can use in the future to advance your career as a healthcare provider. In this process, many of our students walk away having improved their critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills. By coaching and guiding our students, we enable them to develop the right attitude and the necessary confidence to become the strongest applicant they can be. We work closely with our students, guiding them towards academic success. We also help our students determine what extracurricular activities would make them most competitive in the application process while also giving them valuable experience.

Our students often feel that the coaching and guidance they receive not only helps them become competitive for the health professional school of their choice, but also enables them to excel as a medical, dental, pharmacy, PA or other health professional student. We understand that the application process can be grueling. Therefore, we guide our students and coach them to ensure they can synthesize ideas for and compose a persuasive personal statement and secondary application. We also give them the tools to ace the interview process and secure admission to their top choice of schools.

The Admissions Helpers team is friendly, super organized, and extremely helpful. They broke down the admissions process for me and helped me every step of the way–from brainstorming essay topics to guidance for the nerve racking interviews.
I recommend them to any and all students applying to health-related grad schools. You definitely won’t be sorry!


USC Physician Assistant Program, Class of 2015

What are admissions committees looking for?

When it comes to writing your essays, we understand that admissions committees are not looking for literary or poetic writing. They know that if you were interested in writing like a poet, you would be applying to graduate school in literature. 


A clearly written, concise, well-organized narrative


A personal essay that describes you and reflects on your unique experiences


An essay that relates your experiences to your motivation for becoming a healthcare professional


A statement that shows an in-depth understanding of the health profession you are about to embark on

At Admissions Helpers, you will work closely with one of our physician, dentist, or pharmacist consultants, all of whom are graduates of top schools in the United States. In addition, our consultants have extensive experience in the admissions process and they know what it takes to present yourself as a successful applicant. Our consultants will help you develop an in-depth, mature, and realistic understanding of the medical, dental, or pharmacy profession. Through interviews, discussions, and Q&A sessions with you, they help you identify the unique skills, capabilities, and motivating factors that distinguish you among many applicants. In this fashion, our experts help you present yourself as a unique applicant to admissions committees.
We understand that health professional schools are looking for students with a strong commitment to the profession of their choice based on their previous experiences. Therefore, we make it a point to assist you in demonstrating that you fully understand what it takes to enter the profession of your choice and that you are prepared for this career path. We will ensure that you portray yourself as an applicant with a mature understanding who possesses a strong commitment and has made an informed decision about the field they are about to enter.

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