Post-Baccalaureate and Special Masters Programs

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Post-Baccalaureate and Special Masters Program Admissions Consulting


Post-baccalaureate programs and special masters programs are designed to serve as a stepping stone for admission to medical, dental, and PA school. There are two types of post-baccalaureate programs: Career changer programs and record enhancer programs. Career changer post-baccalaureate programs are designed to help individuals who have decided to pursue a health career but do not have the requirements fulfilled. These programs enable prospective applicants to complete the requirements for medical, dental, or PA school. Record enhancer post-baccalaureate programs are designed to help applicants with a history of poor academic performance improve their academic record by taking additional science programs. Admission to post-baccalaureate and special masters programs is becoming increasingly competitive. Our consultants are prepared to help you identify the ideal program and get accepted.

I am so thankful for all the help I received from Admissions Helpers. The team helped me write personal statements, apply to Post Bacc Programs, and pick the right program for me. I am grateful for their help throughout the process.

Diane P

San Francisco State University Post-Baccalaureate Program

Post-baccalaureate and Special Master Program Consulting Services


Often times, applicants are confused as to whether a post-bacc or special masters program is appropriate for them. If you are in that category, our consultants can help you determine whether you should pursue such programs. We work closely to help you select the appropriate program and coach you in every aspect of the application process for both record enhancer and career changer post-baccalaureate programs as well as special masters programs for medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, and PA school. Our specific services include:

General Strategy

We will help you determine if a post-bacc program or special masters program is appropriate and would enhance your candidacy for the health professional school of your choice. Our consultants will also help you develop the proper strategy to become competitive for top programs in the country.

School Selection

Figuring out which post-bacc or special masters program is the best choice could be difficult. We can help you identify the ideal programs and guide you on which programs to apply to.

Application and Personal Statement Help

Our consultants will assist you in putting together a strong application to post-bacc and special masters programs. They will coach you on writing and editing a convincing personal statement and answering any additional essay prompts.

Combination Package

A combination of the above three services.


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