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The PA school interview is an opportunity for the admission committee to get to know you as a person. Many applicants view the interview as an oral examination, where the interviewer asks a series of questions, and expects you to provide the single right answer. As a result of this misconception, applicants spend hours memorizing answers to every possible question the interviewer could ask. The interview is not an oral exam! How you do on your interview depends on a number of factors. You have to provide thoughtful answers to questions, display professionalism, and leave an overall positive impression based on your verbal and non-verbal cues.

Thank you Admissions Helpers! I received phenomenal guidance during the PA school application process. From my personal statement all the way through interview preparation, my consultant was so knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. All of the hard work paid off when I got into one of my top choice programs! I would highly recommend Admissions Helpers!

Stefanie S.

University of Southern California PA Program, Class of 2017

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PA School Interview Preparation Services


Our consultants are committed to helping you ace the interview . We help you prepare ideas for commonly asked questions, such as your reasons for wanting to pursue a career as a physician assistant. We also teach you strategies for developing thoughtful answers to questions you may not anticipate in advance. Our PA school admissions consultants help you develop a better understanding of health policy and medical ethics topics that come up frequently at PA school interviews. Finally, our consultants work with you to improve your body language and non-verbal communication skills. Our PA school interview preparation services include:


Interview Strategy Assistance:

This is a coaching service where one of our PA school admissions consultants works closely with you to help you develop proper strategies for answering PA school interview questions. Our consultants coach you in effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

PA School Mock Interview

In this service, our consultants will conduct a mock interview and provide you with oral and/or written feedback (depending on the client’s preference).

Letter of Intent and Update Letters

We help applicants draft/edit their PA school letters of intent and PA school update letters if they are awaiting an interview, if their application is under review after an interview, or if they have been placed on a PA school waitlist

What we Help with the PA School Interview:


Mastering Common PA School Interview Questions


Ethical Scenarios and Situational PA School Interview Questions



PA School MMI Interview Preparation


Group Interviews and Interview Panels



CASPer Preparation



Non-Verbal Communication



Asking Questions of Your Interviewer



Interview-related Anxiety



Update Letters and Letters of Intent



  • Our fine-tuned approach to the PA school interview has been developed by our team of PA school consultants over the past 10 years.
  • Our method incorporates evidence-based approaches to interview process that allow you to shine in any interview format.
  • We integrate techniques developed alongside expert psychologists to help minimize anxiety before and during your PA school interview.


Interview Preparation Concierge Consulting:  Get comprehensive consulting for your PA school interviews alone or in parallel with other parts of the PA school application.

  • Your PA school admissions consultants meets with you online via video to help you prepare for the different PA school interview questions you may encounter.
  • We also guide you on all aspects of the interview process from what to wear to the interview to how to ask intelligent questions and how to make eye contact in online video interviews.
  • Prior to your actual interview, your PA school admissions consultant will conduct a mock interview and give you detailed constructive feedback.
  • Between your interviews at different PA schools, you can reach out to your PA school admissions consultant to check-in and get answers to your questions.
  • After each PA school interview, we help you draft thank you letters and letters of intent to show programs your interest.
  • Our comprehensive concierge package also includes help preparing for the CASPer examination, which includes interview type situational questions.

Mock Interview Preparation: A PA school admissions consultant will:

  • Meet with you online by video.
  • Conduct a 90-minute mock interview simulating the actual PA school interview.
  • Provide detailed recommendations on how you can improve each response

Customized Interview Preparation Packages: You can design a package based on your specific needs to include as many hours of preparation and mock interviews as needed!

CASPer Preparation: We help you prepare for the CASPer test by reviewing sample CASPer test questions with you and teaching you how to navigate responses to ensure that you are prepared for the test.

Letters of Interest/Intent:

  • After an interview, expressing interest to a school can help increase your chances of getting accepted.
  • If a school is your top choice, a letter of intent can influence the school’s decision.
  • Our PA school admissions consultants guide you on how to write these letters and edit drafts of your letters.
  • Timing is extremely important with these letters. We help you time these letters so you send them in when they are likely to have the greatest impact.
  • Our concierge interview preparation service includes help with letters of interest and letters of intent. This service can also be added to other packages.

What are some typical PA school interview questions:

PA school interview questions fall into the below categories:

Common PA School Interview Questions:

Some of the common PA school interview questions you may encounter are:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why do you want to be a PA?
  • Why are you interested in our PA school?
  • What is your biggest strength and weakness?
  • Why do you want to be a PA and not an NP or MD?

How we Help:

  • During online video meetings, we brainstorm ideas and develop responses with you for common PA school interview questions.
  • We teach you how to come across as genuine, confident, and conversational.
  • We show you how to avoid sounding scripted as this is a common mistake.

Situational PA School Interview Questions:

 In PA school interviews, you may be asked situational questions such as:

  • Describe a time when you worked with a team to achieve a goal.
  • Tell us about a situation where you received constructive criticism from someone you work with.

Interviewers typically want you to describe the situation, explain how you handled it, and reflect on what you learned from it.

How we Help:

  • Our PA school admissions consultants teach you specific techniques for responding to situational PA school interview questions.
  • We also review practice situational questions with you to make sure you can handle different types of situational questions you may encounter with confidence.

Healthcare System and Ethical Questions:

PA schools may ask you to comment on ethical issues relating to healthcare or hypothetical ethical scenarios that pose an ethical dilemma in healthcare delivery. They may also ask you to comment on the healthcare system in the US and the challenges faced by this system. Some example questions you may encounter are as follows:

  • As a PA, if you saw a supervising physician making a mistake, what would you do?
  • What is your view on changing the name of the PA profession from physician assistant to physician associate?
  • How do you think we can make healthcare more accessible to people in the United States?

How we Help:

  • We practice ethical and healthcare questions with you, showing you how to demonstrate balanced well-thought-out positions on different topics.
  • We review ethical and healthcare topics, particularly those that are a matter of debate, and guide you on how to sounds knowledgeable in your answers.

MMI Questions:

The PA school Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) usually consists of a series of timed-interview stations with applicants going through each station and responding to specific prompts.

  • PA school MMI interview questions often involve a challenging hypothetical situation that may pose an ethical dilemma or challenge.
  • MMI prompts often provide you with a limited amount of information and ask you to comment on how you would handle a situation in the face of uncertainty.

How we Help:

  • Our PA school admissions consultants review a variety of sample MMI prompts with you.
  • We teach you a unique set of techniques that you can apply to a vast range of MMI prompts so you respond in a way that shows critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • We show you how to respond to MMI interview questions in the face of information uncertainty without sounding unsure or doubtful.

Asking Questions of your Interviewer:

  • At the end of PA school interviews, applicants are asked if they have any questions from their interviewer.

 How we Help:

  • We teach you how to pose intelligent questions to ask your interviewer in a way that reflects thoughtfulness and an interest in the program.


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