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The Central Application Service For Physician Assistants (CASPA)


The primary application to physician assistant programs is processed through the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA), a central body, which sends your application to the individual PA schools to which you apply. The CASPA application has several components including the personal information section, the activities section, and most importantly the PA school personal statement (statement of purpose). The PA school personal statement is where you will have the opportunity to make a convincing argument for why you should be accepted to PA school among many competitive applicants. It is your chance to communicate with the PA school admissions committee directly.

Thank you Admissions Helpers! I received phenomenal guidance during the PA school application process. From my personal statement all the way through interview preparation, my consultant was so knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. All of the hard work paid off when I got into one of my top choice programs! I would highly recommend Admissions Helpers!

Stefanie S.

University of Southern California PA Program, Class of 2017

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CASPA Application Services


We work closely with applicants on the CASPA application and personal statement. Our PA school admissions consultants help you develop an outline for your personal statement and assist you in building the content for a wining essay. We help you articulate your reasons for your interest in the PA profession and your competitiveness for PA school through unique reflection on your experiences. We also work with you to highlight your most important activities and present them professionally on the CASPA application. Our PA school admissions consultants also have experience helping you select which PA schools to apply to. Our specific services include:

Personal Statement Idea Development

If you have not started writing your personal statement, our consultants are prepared to help you develop the necessary content for a strong PA school personal statement. This service includes an initial review of your personal and professional background, and a consultation on how to present yourself as a strong candidate based on your background. Our PA school admissions consultants will work with you to develop the outline for your personal statement, help you decide which ideas to include, and assist you in building the necessary ideas.

Personal Statement Editing

If you have written your PA school personal statement (on your own or with our help), we assist you in modifying it, and reducing the length to fit the character limit. At this stage, our consultants can provide you with written or oral (depending on the client’s preference) feedback on your personal statement and grammatical/organizational edits to your essay.

CASPA Application Assistance and PA School Selection

Our consultants assist you in putting together other parts of your CASPA application, including the activities section. We can guide you on how to present your activities on the CASPA application. We also help you decide which PA schools are right for you based on your GPA, GRE scores, and additional experiences.

Combination Package

A combination of the above three services.


How we help with different sections of the CASPA application: 

Work/Activity Descriptions

In CASPA, applicants are expected to describe their involvement in different activities from clinical work to shadowing to community service and in extracurriculars. For each experience type, it is important to include certain key details in the limited space provided. We provide students with a set of guidelines for how to complete their different experience types, showing you how to highlight pertinent details about each activity.We edit your descriptions for different experiences with a particular focus on clinical experience and shadowing to ensure you demonstrate a strong understanding of the PA profession and basic medical knowledge.

School Selection

With nearly 300 PA schools across the United States, it can be overwhelming deciding which schools to apply to. Drawing on our experience working with thousands of PA school applicants, we guide you on how select the right programs to apply to keeping in mind your preferences. We compare your background to prior students and recommend programs where prior applicants with similar background have been accepted.

Navigating the Application Process

We support you in completing all the required steps of the CASPA application from identifying the right individuals to get letters of recommendation from to ordering transcripts.

Update Letters

After you have submitted your CASPA application, updating programs on your progress can be helpful in nudging a school towards offering you an interview. We help you draft update letters and plan when to send these letters to have the most impact.

CASPA COVID-19 Impact Essay

In recent cycles, the CASPA application provides a space for students to explain how COVID-19 impacted their pre-PA career academically, professionally, and personally. This essay is an opportunity to describe how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your motivation to become a healthcare professional and whether the pandemic hindered your success in any way. Our PA school admissions consultants will work with you to construct a narrative that demonstrates thoughtful reflection on what the pandemic meant to you and how it impacted you.

You know you want to be a PA but it’s hard to articulate your passion into words?

With our experience working on thousands of personal statements, we have distilled the PA school personal statement writing into a science and an art. We employ a systematic approach to guide you on developing every fine detail of the PA school personal statement. Our job is to help you bring out your inner voice putting it onto paper in compelling words and highlighting elements that make it persuasive.

PA School Personal Statement Consulting

  • For most people, the hardest part of the PA school personal statement is getting started!
  • Through online video meetings we help you develop solid outline and the ideas for the personal statement.
  • If you have a draft, we help you refine the content of your essay.
  • We review and edit your personal statement to make sure you have a
    polished final narrative.
  • We ensure that your final essay has all the essential elements of a superb personal statement.


The Admissions Helpers Method to the PA School Personal Statement:

  • Before guiding you on your personal statement, we get to know you, learn about your
    background, and understand what factors propelled you towards a career as a PA.
  • With this knowledge, our PA school admissions consultants guide you in constructing a narrative that is compelling and unique, leaving PA schools wanting to learn more about you in an interview.
  • Using our method, you achieve a layer of depth that distinguishes your essay from others. We do help you create an essay that is:
    • Personal: Includes elements that provides personal insights about you as a unique individual.
    • Probing: Provides in-depth analysis of why you want to pursue the PA profession using concrete examples and persuasive reasoning.
    • Thoughtful: Includes thoughtful reflection on experiences that drew you to this profession.
    • Analytical: Demonstrates in clear terms what qualities you possess, how you acquired them, and how you would apply them as a PA student and future PA.
    • Accurate: Demonstrates a working knowledge of the medical profession through patient care examples.

We focus on four key elements for every PA school personal statement.





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