About the Admissions Strategy Service:

The Admissions Strategy Tool is meant to serve as a blueprint to help you become more competitive for medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, or PA school.

How Admissions Strategy Tool works:

You respond to a series of simple questions and submit your answers. You will also submit your CV or resume. An admissions consultant reads the answers to your questions and give you up to a one page detailed set of suggestions and pointers on what you should do to become competitive for the program that you are applying to. This will not be general feedback, but will be based on your specific activities. Specifically, our consultants will review your activities, point out deficits in your application, and make suggestions for what you can do to become competitive.

Who is Admissions Strategy Tool suitable for:

This service is appropriate for individuals who are at least several months away from applying or are unsure of whether they should apply during the upcoming season.

Who will provide written feedback:

The written suggestions will be prepared by one of the senior admission consultants at Admissions Helpers. All of our consultants are graduates of top US medical, dental, pharmacy, and PA schools.

General Process:

Step 1: Choose this service

Step 2: Read and agree with terms and conditions

Step 3: Pay

Step 4: Follow the link in your order confirmation email to access the questions

Step 5: Respond to the series of questions

Step 6: Upload your CV or resume

Step 7: Submit responses

Fee: $250

Turnaround time: 4 business days

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