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Admissions Helpers PA School Admissions Consulting

Admissions Helpers offers a wide-range of services for prospective physician assistant school applicants. We work with students all across the United States and Canada. Our approach is customized and tailored to meet your needs. We provide our PA school applicants with personalized attention necessary to help them bolster their PA school application. Whether you are in the earlier stages of your education and recently decided to pursue PA or are ready to apply this year, our physician assistant school admissions consulting program can help you become a more successful candidate for PA school. We work closely with our students providing individualized attention to ensure they have the proper approach to the application process. Our PA school Admissions consulting service is a superior service because our consultants have a great deal of experience helping applicants like you stand out among a pool of highly competitive individuals who are seeking admission into coveted PA school spots. Our PA school admissions consultants are clinicians with years of experience assisting PA school applicants like you get accepted to the school of their choice. We encourage you to take advantage of our consultation services early in your undergraduate career so that you can get off to a good start.

General Pre-PA Strategy Consultation

Our strategy consultation is designed to help you develop the proper game plan for ensuring success as a pre physician assistant student

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PA School Primary Application Consultation

Comprehensive consulting for the primary application physician assistnat schools including PA school personal statement assistance

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PA School Secondary Application Consultation

Guidance on the PA school secondary application or supplemental application

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PA School Interview Consultation

Strategy development, coaching, and mock interviews to help you prepare for the physician assistant school interview

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I had prepared my PA applications and was getting nervous about my competitiveness as an applicant when I reached out to Admissions Helpers. The guidance and help I received was outstanding. My consultant and I went through my complete application and I received honest feedback. When I was preparing for my interviews, the consulting team was always available to help me. Their feedback was detailed and thoughtful. Recently I was accepted at one of my top PA school choices, and could not be happier! I am so thankful to Admissions Helpers for all the effort and support they gave me throughout the whole process.

Anna D.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences PA Program, Class of 2018

Getting accepted to physician assistant programs is becoming more competitive as the demand for this cadre of professionals is increasing in an evolving healthcare system. When evaluating applicants, physician assistant program admissions committees look for several factors. First, and foremost, they want to know if you have the necessary science foundation and possess the ability to handle the rigorous academic coursework in PA school. To evaluate academic aptitude, schools use the GPA and in some cases, the GRE score.

But a strong GPA and good GRE scores are not enough; physician assistant program admissions committees also want to assess an applicant’s interest and commitment to the PA profession.

But a strong GPA and good GRE scores are not enough; physician assistant program admissions committees also want to assess an applicant’s interest and commitment to the physician assistant profession. Specifically, they want to know why you have chosen the PA profession over nursing or medicine. This is why clinical experience, especially experience working with a PA, is an important part of a successful application. Whether paid or volunteer, seek clinical experiences where you can spend time observing or assisting PAs or other clinicians directly and gaining insight into patient care. Take advantage of opportunities to interact directly with patients in an inpatient or outpatient setting. Focus specifically on primary care and seek experiences where you can work with the underserved. PA schools are more impressed by an individual who has worked in primary care with low-income patients than one who has worked in an upscale specialty clinic that serves an affluent patient population. You can further strengthen your application by taking part in community service and assuming leadership roles in organizations on or off campus. Do not become involved in too many activities at a superficial level. Instead, select a few valuable experiences and immerse yourself in these experiences.