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Law School Personal Statement Development and Essay Editing

The most important written component of your law school application, your personal statement, should convey the essence of who you are and why law school is right for you. It should also showcase your skills as a writer – something law schools really care about. We can work through big-picture themes, essay structure, and narrative flow, while helping you hone critical details like grammar, syntax, word choice, and sentence structure. With our guidance, you will produce a compelling personal statement that highlights your achievements and conveys a strong sense of your personal and professional identity.

We will utilize these same tools as you prepare your responses to specific essay prompts, making sure your essays are well organized, sharply written, and responsive to the questions posed. We will also take a strategic and tactical approach to optional essays, incorporating them into your application package in a streamlined fashion to avoid unnecessary work.

Crafting Your Resume for Law School

It is never easy to summarize your life into one or two pages, but a well-organized resume is key to making your application stand out from the pack. We will help you craft a tightly structured, professionally formatted resume that highlights your accomplishments and experiences while eliminating unhelpful distractions.

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