Direct Medical Program Admissions

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Combined Bachelors Medical Program Admissions


Direct medical programs are designed for high school seniors who have already made the decision to pursue medicine and are seeking a more direct path to medical school. High school applicants can apply to a combined program and if accepted they are able to enter medical school after completing the required undergraduate courses. Some programs will require completion of a bachelors degree while others do not. Most programs will require applicants to maintain a minimum GPA and to receive a minimum MCAT score to be accepted. Admission to such programs are rigorous and requires extensive clinical and research experience in addition to a strong GPA and SAT scores. At Admissions Helpers, we understand the challenges that high school students and families face as they go through the admissions process to these rigorous programs. We work closely with students and families to ensure success in admission to these programs.

What impresses me most about Admissions Helpers is their approach. Unlike many other companies who simply edit your documents, Admissions Helpers asks you to dig deep in your reasoning for applying to a professional school. By asking me questions they were able to help me find the true and genuine reasons I had for pursuing a professional degree. This approach changed the tone of my application toward an applicant with a genuine interest in the field. Through my experience with Admissions Helpers I learned more about myself and became a better writer. THANK YOU Admissions Helpers.


UCSD School of Medicine, Class of 2018

Direct Medical Program Admissions Consulting Services


We work closely with high school students and parents on the many different aspects of the admission to direct medical programs. This includes coaching and strategy guidance to help applicants become competitive.  It also includes assistance with the different elements of the college or university application and the interview process. We help students develop a strong narrative with which they can articulate their reasons for wanting to directly enter a combined bachelors medical school program from high school. Our specific services include:

General Strategy for Direct Medical Admissions

We work with high school students throughout high school to help them develop the appropriate strategy for acceptance into direct medical programs. Our consultants will work with you to coach students and parents on every pertinent aspect of their highs school career including clinical experience, research, leadership, and academic success.

Application and Personal Statement Consulting

Our consultants provide assistance with the Common Application, individual college applications, and the direct-med applications. We work with students to help them develop a strong personal statement and compelling essays describing their motivation for pursuing medicine and the combined baccalaureate-medical programs.

Interview Preparation

Our consultants can help with preparation for the interview for direct medical programs. We work with applicants and parents to help applicants develop proper interviewing skills. We also provide mock interview services to help applicants enter the interview prepared with the necessary confidence to do well.

Combination Package

A combination of the above three services.


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