Pharmacy School Interview Preparation

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Pharmacy School Interview Consultation

The pharmacy school interview is an opportunity for the admission committee to get to know you as a person. Many applicants view the interview as an oral examination, where the interviewer asks a series of questions, and expects you to provide the single right answer. As a result of this misconception, applicants spend hours memorizing answers to every possible question the interviewer could ask. The pharmacy school interview is not an oral exam! How you do on your pharmacy school interview depends on a number of factors. You have to provide thoughtful answers to questions, display professionalism, and leave an overall positive impression based on your verbal and non-verbal cues.

As a re-applicant to pharmacy school, I was concerned about my chances but after I enlisted the help of Admissions Helpers, I knew I had nothing to worry about. My consultant was professional and efficient from the beginning and they helped me change the tone of my application so that I could land a position at one of my top choices. I highly recommend Admissions Helpers!


Western University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy, Class of 2017

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Pharmacy School Interview Preparation Services


Our consultants are committed to helping you ace the pharmacy school interview. We help you prepare ideas for commonly asked questions, such as your reasons for wanting to pursue the pharmacy profession. We also teach you strategies for developing thoughtful answers to questions you may not anticipate in advance. Finally, our consultants work with you to improve your body language and non-verbal communication skills. Our pharmacy school interview preparation services include:

Interview Strategy Assistance

This is a coaching service where one a pharmacy school admissions consultants works closely with you to help you develop proper strategies for answering pharmacy school interview questions and coach you on how to ace the writing portion of the pharmacy school writing exercise. Our consultants also teach you effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills relevant to the interview.

Pharmacy School Mock Interview

In this service, our consultants will conduct a mock pharmacy school interview and provide you with oral and/or written feedback (depending on the client’s preference).

Interview Day Writing Sample

We coach pharmacy school applicants and help them the writing skills to write a strong essay on the day of the interview

Letter of Intent and Update Letters

We help applicants draft/edit pharmacy school letters of intent and pharmacy school update letters if they are awaiting an interview, if their application is under review after an interview, or if they have been placed on a pharmacy school waitlist

All sessions are charged on an hourly basis. Call or email us today for a free 20-minute consultation on your medical school secondary application preparation!

I was accepted to my first choice school thanks to Admissions Helpers. They assisted me with my interview preparation. My consultant was very knowledgeable about the interview process and a great teacher. Also, the interview techniques that he taught me greatly improved my interview skills. I highly recommend Admissions Helpers.


Manchester University College of Pharmacy, Class of 2020