Pre-Law Strategy Consultation

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Career Counseling

In our law school career consultation process, we will first discuss your goals for going to law school. Do you want to practice law? Or maybe you hope to put your law degree to use in public policy, business, or nonprofit ventures? We have experience across all these sectors, and can help you think creatively – and realistically – about what a J.D. might offer you.

Building a Blueprint for Law School Admission

Now that you have set your sights on a law degree, what does it take to get there? Which undergraduate majors or extracurricular activities should you consider? If you are taking time between undergraduate and law school, how should you spend that time? Law schools are looking for applicants with diverse life experiences. In a competitive application environment, we can help you emphasize yours.

LSAT Advice

There are no two ways about it: If you want to go to law school, you will probably need to take the LSAT. And we know from personal experience that a few points at the margin can make all the difference to your admission chances. Our consultants can advise you on big-picture LSAT questions, including which test-prep options to consider, how to plan your studying schedule, whether to cancel your score if you are worried you tested poorly, whether to retake the LSAT if you are not happy with your score, and how to deal with multiple LSAT scores.

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