Law School Application Strategy

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Law School Application Consultation

Now that you have decided to apply to law school, we will work together to create a timetable and plan of attack for your applications process. Since law schools do not rely heavily on interviews, each individual component of the application is critical, but your application must also stand together as a cohesive whole. Attention to detail is critical, but so is a big-picture perspective. We will help you focus on both the forest and the trees.

Choosing the Right Law School

Once you have a sense of your goals, we will focus on the nuts and bolts of your applications process. Choosing the right law school is a personal decision, but we have the experience and tools to help make that decision an educated one. Which schools should you be applying to, and where would you be happiest? Should you simply attend the top-rated program that accepts you, or consider other factors like geography, learning style, or program strengths? We will discuss your chances of admission at a range of schools, and work with you to develop a good mix of reaches, targets, and safety schools that fit your goals.

Recommendation Assistance

Selecting the right recommenders is essential. Should you seek a recommendation from the well-known professor whose lecture class you aced? Or would you be better off with a more personal letter from a lower-profile mentor? What is the right balance between academic and personal or professional references? Should your letters be targeted to specific schools, or take a general approach? We will help you think through these and other questions to find the right set of recommenders for you.

Disclosure Issues

There are countless examples of people overcoming past mistakes to go on to successful careers in law, so having skeletons in your closet should not keep you from pursuing your professional goals. We can help you work through sensitive disclosure issues, including how to interpret various schools’ differing disclosure requirements surrounding academic, criminal, or other disciplinary issues. We will work with you to address these issues honestly and straightforwardly while minimizing the distraction they might add to your application.

Application Review

Once your materials are nearly complete, we will work through your application with a fine-tooth comb, searching for errors, redundancies, or inconsistencies that could torpedo your admissions chances. This is also the time to look at your application holistically, making sure it conveys the essence of what’s important to you. Law schools look for candidates with sharp attention to detail and a vision for their professional future. We can help you be that candidate.

Waitlist Strategy and Making Your Decision

We remember the stress of waiting on law school admissions decisions, so we relate to what you are going through. If you are waitlisted, we can help you navigate this tricky process, including how to tactfully express your continued interest and other strategies for boosting your chances late in the game. And as your acceptances begin rolling in (congrats!), we will help you weigh your options as you balance your academic, financial, and professional goals.

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